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Upgrade e300

I just got a razor e300. I have ordered 2-12v 9ah batteries. I'm certain I'm not going to be terribly impressed. I'm curious after a bit of digging if my best bet is just to add a 3rd battery? It seems like a very big project to really upgrade this thing. I'm not looking to go 50mph. I would like to get around 20 mph and have a range of 10 miles or so... where should I start?

The 9Ah battery upgrade will provide more ride time and mileage range however they will not make the scooter more powerful or faster.

The Razor E300 has a 24 Volt 250 Watt motor which is best suited for top speeds of around 12 to 15 mph. Its range tends to be between 5-10 miles depending on the terrain it is driven on and rider weight. To increase the top speed to 20 mph would require overvolting the original motor to 36 Volts or installing a more powerful motor and a smaller rear wheel chain sprocket.

Overvolting the original motor to 36 Volts would achieve the 20 mph goal with the least amount of effort and cost. The only downside of overvolting is that the motor will run hotter than normal which could sooner or later cause it to burn out. It all depends on how hot it gets though. Volts do not burn out motor only heat does - so as long as the motor does not get too hot then it will last a long time.

If you want to install a third battery to overvolt the scooter then all that would require is figuring out where to mount it, and using a 36 Volt battery charger to recharge the upgraded battery pack. The electronics of the scooter could be left alone or the controller could be upgraded to a 36 Volt unit at the same time that the battery pack is upgraded. The original 24 Volt controller usually works on 36 Volts however I have heard that some of the newest model controllers will not run on a higher Voltage battery pack. You would just have to try it and see how it goes.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

E300 will do 14mph do sprockets Standard is 55 i think back 11 or 10 front put a 350w motor 24v order from this lot a 44 or 47 back sprocket or put 500w motor but 24v don't go 36 v not worth it thrust me U do 20mph ish 22mph
I no someone that's got a razer e300 he put a 350w motor or u can get a 500w 24v . Did the front sprocket but if u r lucky the motor will come with a 11 teeth . Standard I think Is 10 . & the back is 55or 54 . He put a a 44 on there . U can get from this lot a 47 witch is fine as u need to have a bit of power getting up hills . But u will be doing 20 mph no problem. Standard they r 14 mph. They r the best scooter to mod with out spending to much . If u go to 36v then u need a contoller & charger & battrey . I spend a lot of £ . And going to 36v is ok but u will need a 36v motor as well. And u will not get much more out of it . Up to I but if it was mine , I have the E200 / wish I got the e300 but payed £15 for it so can not complain . But when I get my e300 . 47 back sprocket 350w/500w 24v motor . With the 10" wheels u got on that u will be flying . My mate got 22 mph . On a 350w . U can given get a 800w motor on 24v . But he fit it on top of the foot plate . But dam if some. Good luck with your mod's to it ,

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