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Need to make a 24v battery pack

Hi I badly need your help I have had 3 / 12v 7ah running 36v. But it's now made the controller go bang , I now need to make a 24v pack but with 3 / 12v battrys can it be done so two are done to make make 12v to 24 v . But can the other 12v be wired up to make it a 24v pack. Can u help me please ASAP .

A 24 Volt battery pack can only be made with an even number of 12 Volt batteries, such as with 2 or 4 batteries, and it can not be made with an odd number of batteries. If you have three batteries you will need to remove one of them and only use 2 batteries, or add an extra battery and make a 24 Volt battery pack out of 4 batteries.

Here is a link to our battery pack wiring directions page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

With 4 / 12v 7 ah battery's I take it that it will run for a lot longer then just 2 / 12v 7ah . It's the AH that gets you the range. Up the 14ah to 28ah & you get more . Is that right .
Yes that is right. A battery pack made with four 12V 7Ah batteries will have twice the range of a battery pack made with two 12V 7Ah batteries.

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