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Mx350 36volt mod - controller question

Hi guys, Newbie here so sorry if covered before. Tried search function but topics I found had old links etc . Just modded sons mx350 to 36 volt. But seems controller can't handle. Have read some versions can handle guess his does not (version 31). Lowered to 24 volt and works fine so figured it must be controlled. Ok easy enough ... just buy 36volt controller .... problem is none have same plug outputs that go directly into existing harness. Do I need to mod the new controller ? If so how? Can I just cut each wire on new controller and tape splice on the plug from old harness ? Is there somewhere to get controller that is plug and play for this version? Maybe there is site that can modify a 36volt controller to plug and play with my version razor for fee? Any help is appreciated!
We have a 36 Volt controller and throttle kit that will replace the 24 Volt controller and throttle of a Razor MX350 version 31. This kit will be plug-and-play with the MX350 version 31. It will have one extra brake switch connector that can be left unconnected. The item number of this kit is RAZ-EKIT6 and it is available at this link: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RAZ-EKIT6



Installation Warning: The version 31 Razor MX350's original throttle with orange and brown wires will not work with this kit and may damage this kit's controller if plugged into it. So make sure to replace both the controller and throttle at the same time when installing this kit.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I spoke to someone at site earlier today (think his name was John?). He said there is no plug and play for this. He said wires would need to be cut and crimped with soderless clips etc. said plugs were different. Are you sure this works with version 31? If it truly is plug and play I am all in!!!
Yes I am sure that it is plug and play because I compared the MX350 version 31 wiring diagram to the wiring diagram of the MX500 version 1-9 wiring diagram that the RAZ-EKIT6 kit is for and all of the connectors are exactly the same. Here are the two wiring diagrams.


You will notice that all of the controller connectors are the same between these two models, with the exception the the MX500's 36 Volt controller has two Handle Brake Connectors instead of one.

It took me a while to figure this out which is one of the great things about using this forum. On this forum I have time to thoroughly research questions and find the right answer.

I will let Jon know that the RAZ-EKIT6 is plug-and-play with MX350 and MX400 dirt bikes that have been modified with a 36 Volt battery pack so that he can recommend it to our customers in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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