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Razor Dune Buggy 36V Conversion

Do you happen to have a kit, or recommended parts list for the conversion? I have a new replacement stock throttle I just put in... but the rest I'm not sure about what I would need, and what I could keep... not to mention that I'd like to sit down and do this project all at once without discovering I need new parts and connectors.

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We do not currently have a 36 Volt conversion kit for the Razor Dune Buggy go kart, so modifying it to run on 36 Volts would require the custom installation of new parts.

We could help with selecting parts for the conversion though. There are so many different ways that people convert the Razor Dune Buggy to 36 Volts though that I would need to know what your plans or ideas are for it.

With some 36 Volt conversions only the battery pack Voltage is increased, with other conversions the battery pack and controller are converted to 36 Volts, and sometimes the battery pack, controller, and motor are all upgraded to 36 Volt parts.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

That sounds great! I'm not particularly sure about the nuances (for example, what does upgrading the motor buy me?). But, my gut is telling me to go with new batteries and a controller (I think my controller may have issues anyway). Does that sounds reasonable? 

Some people have overvolted the Dune Buggy motor to 36 Volts with good results, while others have done this only to find that the motor overheated and burned out shortly after making the modification.

You could start out with a 36 Volt battery pack and controller and see how it goes. If the 24 Volt motor burns out when overvolted then it could be replaced with a 36 Volt motor to complete the modification.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

ok, sounds like a plan... can you point me to the parts I would need (the controller, batteries, and might as well look at the motor)...

There are so many options for different parts that we would need to know a little more about your modification goals in order to recommend parts.

Razor Dune Buggies can be modified to have a faster top speed, more range, better hill climbing, etc.

What are your goals for the modification?

Longer between charges and a slightly better top speed would be perfect.

Will it be used on flat ground only, or will it be used to go up and down hills?

Hi, I am very interested on where this thread was going. What would be the parts needed to account for some mix of hills and flat on pavement mostly (not off road). You mentioned the battery and controller, but I think it will also require a 36V charger, correct? 

Hi Pablo, some people start with installing a 36 Volt battery pack and battery charger. Although many have experienced burned out motors shortly afterward. 

If the go kart will be used for a mix of hills and flat ground then a 36 Volt motor and controller is recommended. 

We have a few 36 Volt Dune Buggy kits to choose from on this page: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/SearchResults.asp?search=dune+kit+36

We can make new versions of these kits if they do not have the exact parts that you want them to have. For example, we could make a new version with bigger batteries, a different throttle, a 500 Watt motor, or???

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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