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Razor Ground Force Drift - Ryobi 40V 94WH LI-ION battery

I have a Razor Ground Force Drift with a burnt control module and dying battery. Thinking if I'm going to fix this might as well make an upgrade. I'm a big fan of Ryobi +1 products and have a some 40v 94wh li-ion batteries that I use with my yard equipment. I would love to figure out how to make them work where I can use the regular Ryobi charger and grab the batteries with me when we go karting with the kids on the razor. So a plug in solution is what I'm looking for kind of like a cordless drill..power runs out replace with another battery while the other one is charging. I have some ideas on how to do this and need help with the rest of the hardware on the cart. 

1, What will I need to upgrade Controller, Motor etc

2. Cheapest scenario..what can I keep stock but use the 40v 94wh battery



To be on the safe side upgrading the controller and motor would be the best way to go. The original 24V motor could be used with a new 36V controller however some of our customers have overheated and burned out their 24V motors when doing this.

Everything could be kept stock except for the controller for the least expensive upgrade.

Lithium ion batteries are very sensitive to having too much current drawn from them and will overheat and self destruct if they are overloaded. In order for us to recommend a controller to match up with a Li-ion battery we would need to know the maximum continuous Amp draw that the battery has, so we could recommend a controller with the same or lower maximum Amp pull.

Do you happen to know, or can you find out the maximum continuous Amp draw of the Ryobi +1 40V 94Wh Li-ion battery?

What about getting a LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter 4-40V to 1.25-37V Step-down Regulator and taking the Voltage down from 40v to 24v. I think the amperage is maxed out at 2-3A will that be enough for the cart. I was unable to find the amp draw for razor products although he controller says 24v 30amps?

The controller is rated to demand a maximum current of 30 Amps from the battery pack and the Ground Force Drifter uses a 30 Amps fuse so a DC-DC converter with a maximum output of 30 Amps or higher would work best with it. 

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