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Razor Drifter Upgrade Kit


I am looking to upgrade a blue razor drifter with 1000w 48v 3000rpm motor, forward/reverse controller/throttle.  I already have 4 12volt 12Ah batteries.  I realize I have to make major modifications to the back to hold the batteries and larger motor.  Already started working on this.  Can you put together an upgrade kit like you have done in the past for the 750w 36 volt requests such as the motor, controller, throttle, chain, adapters...etc...

Thank you,


Hi Craig, we can put together a kit for your upgrade.

We have two options for reverse. One is a rotary reverse switch that the motor wires go directly to, and the other is a reverse relay that is placed between the motor and controller and which uses a three position toggle switch to activate forward/park/reverse. The reverse relay may be the better choice for a Razor Drifter because only three thin wires need to be routed to the toggle switch. The rotary switch requires four thick wires to be routed to it which makes installation more difficult, and it is also large when compared to the toggle switch which makes finding a place to mount it more difficult than with the toggle switch. 

If you could think about these reverse part options and decide on which one that you would like to use then we could go ahead and make a kit for you. 
Hi Thanks for getting back to me. The reverse relay would be great. Craig
I went ahead made a kit for your Razor Drifter upgrade project. It is item number KIT-48001. Here is a link to it:

Please have a look at all of the parts in the kit. If you would like any changes made then please let me know.


Kit looks great.  I just ordered it.  If I have any issues, I will reach out to you.  Thanks again.  Craig

You are welcome and thank you for your order.

I imagine that you will most likely be mounting the power and reverse toggle switches into the steering cover below the handlebars so I specified for the toggle switch to controller wires to be 48 inches long. Please have a look at the wire lengths listed below to see if they are okay. I can change any of these wire lengths if needed.

  • Toggle switches to controller/relay wire length 48"
  • Throttle to controller wire length 48"
  • Battery pack to controller wire length 24"
  • Charger port wire length 24"
  • Controller to reverse relay wire length 12"
  • Motor to reverse relay wire length 18"


Please let us know if these wire lengths are okay, or if you would like for any of them to be changed?

Hi Wire lengths look good. Yes the toggle switches will be mounted up front. Thanks for asking Craig

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