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Razor Groundforce Scooter

Can I use a 500watt 24 volt motor to boost speed on my razor groundforce?
Most 24 Volt 500 Watt motors run at the same RPM as the Razor Ground Force go kart's original motor so they would not boost the top speed. The acceleration and uphill power would be doubled with a 500 Watt motor and controller upgrade though.

To boost the top speed a smaller axle sprocket would need to be installed along with the 500 Watt motor and controller. Smaller axle sprockets for the Ground Force go kart are not off the shelf parts though, so the bore of a smaller sprocket would need to be custom machined with the right size bore and key way to fit the axle. A machine shop could modify a smaller sprocket to fit the axle.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Do you offer 350 W 24 V motors with an 18 tooth sprocket or something larger than the 11 tooth? Thanks
11 tooth is the largest sprocket made for the 350 Watt motors. I just noticed that there is a 13 tooth sprocket available for the 500 Watt motor which would boost the speed from 12 MPH to 15 MPH.
Ok thanks

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