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New motor and controller but loss of power

Hi Everyone! I'm so glad I found this website! Wish I knew of it sooner. Bought a used razor buggy. After a few days of enjoying the stock car, we decided to upgrade it for my kids. Started by replacing the stock batteries with 3 new 12 volt 12 ah batteries. The goal was to over volt the stock 24 volt motor. After doing this we got great results. Seemed to increase about 25% if speed but very little on torque if any. Then decided to upgrade motor and controller. Bought an amp flow G43-500. Suppose to have 3300 rpm at 24 volts no load. So I was expecting great things at 36 volts. I also bought a yiyun LB57 36 volt 1000 watt controller. It was a pain to figure out the install. The lock, brake and charger plugs were pretty straight forward. I got stuck forever with the throttle. Speed control has a 3 wire throttle but the razor stock throttle is 6 wire. Took several hours but I got it to work! I put the three wire controller throttle to the top three razor throttle. Then for the remaining three razor throttle wires I put two of them to the "indicator" controller plug and then the brown wire I left unplugged. I did quite a bit of testing so hopefully I didn't short anything. When done, car powered on and went forward. Seemed to have decent power when lifting the back up. However when I sat in it (150 lbs) it barely went. I know limit is 120 lbs but this car in stock form with 36 volt gave me a fast ride even at 150 lbs. Do I have a problem with the motor? Or controller? The motor was quite larger than stock and I did use original chain connecting to jack shaft. It seemed tighter than usual. Could that be the problem? Again car barely went forward with me in it. I hooked up the 36 volts of battery to the ground force we have and it shot out fast as expected. I don't have battery testers but seemed a lot faster than the 24 volt battery pack hooked to the ground force. Lastly...I think I hooked up charger corrected. The charging port plug from controller seemed to have The wires mixed red and black so that when I plugged into the charging port from the razor the black was connecting to the red and the red to the black so I switched it to line it up with each other. Don't know if that was a no-no. I switched it from the controller part only. When I hooked it up to my 36 V charger it was red for a good while and then it turn green signifying that the charge was complete Also the motor was running and usually loud. We only tested it for about 3 to 4 minutes in the motor did not get hot Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
Ok I will buy the voltmeter tomorrow. I bought one the ther day from Walmart but looking at it it says it is for 9 volt batteries. Here is a test I did with motor connected to controller to battery then motor connected directly to battery. Warning: The video gets a little comical and I didn't take the time to edit it out sorry in advance: Sounds the same to me. I ordered a non contact rpm reader to test rpm both ways to see if controller is limiting motor. By the way, it is spinning a lot faster after a 20 hour charge but when I got in it, it still felt very week and slightly slower than the 36 volts with stock motor Also when I get the voltmeter tomorrow I will test volt reading with load.

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