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Looking To Mod Razor Launch

Im looking for a kit or parts list to mod Razor Launch (E100) to not have rolling start or whatever it is, and to go faster without much cutting/welding of the frame.  Parts list and insight would be greatly appreciated so we can tackle this project and get him ripping around the neighborhood.


A more powerful motor and controller could be installed however the new motor would run at the same RPM as the original motor so the top speed on flat ground would not be increased. A smaller wheel sprocket along with a more powerful motor and controller would be needed to increase the top speed.

Let me check and see if we have a smaller sprocket that will fit the rear wheel and then I will reply to let you know.

If we do not have a smaller wheel sprocket then the acceleration and hill climbing would be a lot better with a more powerful motor, but the top speed would remain around the same.

Please let me know what you find out.  Is there another more powerful motor that can be mounted on there?  Whatever I need to do to get this thing going more like 15 - 20 mph is where we want to be.  whatever you come up with if you could provide a list of all necessary parts that would be great and I will purchase.


I looked into this a little more and found that smaller sprockets for the rear wheel are not available. So even if a larger motor and controller were custom installed the top speed would not be increased.

For most electric scooters we can put together parts to increase their top speed however for the Razor E100 series electric scooters the parts are not available to increase their top speed.

Since increasing the top speed of the E100 is not an option you may want to consider selling it and upgrading to an E300 scooter which already has a 15 MPH top speed.

The E300 scooter has larger heavy-duty pneumatic tires which will outlast the E100's thin urethane tires many times over so upgrading to the E300 will probably save money in the long run. Plus the E300 will provide better traction plus a smoother and safer ride at higher speeds than the E100 scooter would.

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