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I need help with wiring a 1000 watt controller. I had a blue voltage 500 watt it had 16'' wheels. now I am working on a toa toa with 10'' wheels. I have already changed the swing arm to the toa toa and install the 16'' wheels. I already have the 1000watt controller. I just need help with wires. tao tao has front and rear lights and turn signal. I contacted my dealer and will not be useind them any longer. they toa toa does"nt come with 10 wheel any they sent me a 16'' rim (motor) that calls for 1000watt controller.   sorry my last post had mistakes in  info, thank you

                                                                      Alfred romano

In order for the controller to be wired to the other parts of the scooter wiring directions for the controller are needed.

Do you have wiring directions for the controller, or if it is a controller that we sell do you have our item number for it so I may supply a link to the controller wiring directions?

Or maybe a photo of the controller?

sunwin e-commerce co. ltd.

part= brushless motor controller

series sh48u35gv15t-wz1

to be used on an old toa toa elec. scooter

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