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Razor Ground Force drifter upgrade

Please advise me on the best way to obtain more torque and speed for my ground force drifter. I am 170 lbs. and want to be able to run faster than my 4 year old and last at least as long as he does at 45 lbs on his stock one. Please advise me as to what I will need to accomplish this in your opinion and speed and torque the more the better but staying so it will be safe though because I am sure the 4 year old will adopt it soon!!

I will give you my cc# and order as soon as you give me a number.

I also have an issue with putting a ESC kit from EastCoast Power up into a Ford F-150 Power Wheels I have it installed yet get no power to run motors and am at this point frustrated. Any advice on these kits or what type of shop would I contact to have this repaired or finish being installed?? What about junking kit and just adding a new motor and such like this to it? And if so what would you suggest I do to put it so it could have brakes and also reverse and run rubber tires with a step down for cd player and lights etc??What would this cost me?? And could you put it together for me??

The technician who builds our kits uses the controller's wiring directions along with his knowledge of how to wire the other parts together to build our kits, so we do not have a wiring diagram on hand specifically for KIT-48325.

The closest thing we have is the controller's wiring directions at this link:

If you need a wiring diagram for the kit then we could draw one if you could please give us a couple of days to do so.

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