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Buying a new MX350, which one?

 Hello ESP and fellow customers,

First I want to say to ESP, thank you for your customer support. I have never seen anyone with such high regard. You respond to every topic, and are as helpful as can be. The support you offer is why I decided to even purchase this product, and will be coming to you for any and all my business regarding these toys.

I am about to purchase a Razor MX350 for my son, and a MX650 for myself. I race big bikes in the GNCC, and the MX650 is just something to chase my son around on in the back yard. I'll be upgrading that later, with all kinds of goodies.

After some searching, I found Walmart to have the cheapest price. But, the deeper I looked, the more confused I became. I found three versions of what appears to be the very same bike. So, my question is...

What is the difference between these three products?

1. $239.88

2. $276.99

3. $299.00

From everything I read, they are the same product. I can not find a difference. If there is a difference, which is the 'better' option?

Thank you, so much for your help.


Hi Chris, thanks you for your kind words about us and also for using our forum. We look forward to helping you upgrade these bikes when you are ready to do so.

I looked at the Razor MX350 dirt bikes in the three links that you provided above and the only difference between them other than the prices and colors is the company who is selling them.

Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon so they now let other companies sell products on their website and take a commission out of the sales.

The lowest priced MX350 dirt bike in link 1 is sold directly by Walmart, and the other two higher priced bikes in links 2 and 3 are sold by VM Express. Since Walmart has more buying power than VM they can buy more at a time to get a better price and also sell them for a lower markup.

All of these MX350 dirt bikes are exactly the same except for their colors though.

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