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Razor E300 longer range


I've been reading this forum a bit, and people seem to want more speed, more power etc.

I don't need the scooter/kickboard to go faster or have more power - but I need it to have longer drive time. Currently I have the basic Razor E300, nothing changed on it. If I go to  gym 'n back which is 2.8km up/downhill, it takes a lot of kicking in uphill parts to get the battery last, and I weight around 75kg.

Which battery pack should I buy to have the maximum range without doing big modifications to the scooter? Also, how much more drive time it should give?

Thank you a lot for help!

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Also what I've noticed, is that there's no "neutral" on the scooter - any solution for this? What I mean is, e.x. downhill you don't use throttle - but the backwheel does not spin freely so it's slowing down.

We carry extended range 9Ah batteries and battery packs for the Razor E300 scooter which will provide around a 20% increase in range compared to the scooter;s original 7Ah batteries. These extended range batteries are the highest capacity batteries that can be installed in the E300 scooter without modifications. Any batteries that are larger than 9Ah would require modifications such as raising the footplate in order to make more room for them.

Unless there is a newest version of the Razor E300 scooter that does not have a freewheel then as far as I know E300 scooters have a freewheel which allows then to roll downhill and be pushed without any interference from the motor. You might want to check the rear wheel to see if it has a freewheel which looks like this.


If there is a freewheel and yet the rear wheel does not roll freely in the forward direction then the freewheel is most likely seized and needs to be replaced. If there is no freewheel then that is the way that the scooter was designed and installing a freewheel is most likely not possible because the wheel hub does not have threads on it to thread a freewheel onto.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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