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Heavy duty Beach cart

Hi, I have a beach cart that is 140lbs on its own. When filled I would expect it to be upwards of 260 lbs. what if anything would you recommend to help move this cart on soft sand (possibly up a slight hill). I have been pulling the cart as of now but as you could imagine it takes its toll on me. I don't mind over powering it as long as there is a speed controlled throttle. I would've went gas but it is loud and there are no gas powered vehicles allowed on the beach were we are. I was thinking of a heavy duty powered wheelchair motor but then I came upon your website and saw that you specialize in these types of motors. Please advise on what unit you would recommend or if you have ever come across this type of situation before. Thanks Chris
Hi Chris, for a beach cart that will be used in soft sand it is important that both of the rear wheels receive power from the motor otherwise if only one of the wheels is driven then it will most likely spin out in the sand and the cart will not move.

Since your beach cart is a human powered type them the wheels most likely have bearings that spin on the axle. The axle and wheels will need to be converted to a live axle system that supplies power from a sprocket to the axle which is transferred by the axle to both wheels. A go kart parts store will have all of the parts needed to convert the cart to have a live axle and two wheel drive although welding will be required to install these parts.

We have many kits available for beach carts. From your description of the driving conditions for the cart it sounds like a 350 Watt kit would work well for your project, although a 600 Watt kit would also work and would allow for heavier loads and steeper hills in the future.

We currently have over 30 beach wagon kits available starting on this page:

We can modify any of these kits with different parts to suit your build. If you find a kit that you like however you would prefer that it has a different part such as batteries, throttle, sprockets, etc. then please let us know and we can make a beach cart kit that is specialized for your project.

Also depending on what size wheels the cart will have we can help with running gear ratio calculations and determining what size sprockets to use.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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