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Looking to extend range on modified Razor E300

Hi Folks,

I have a Razor E300 that I have modified a bit. It now has 3 (brand new) 12v 9ah batteries, a new 36v speed controller,  and a variable speed throttle.

The scooter works great, but the range is not what I am looking for. I tested it out around town and got about 3 miles (roughly 13 minutes) before I was done to only about 25% of battery life left. It seems that I could get about 20 minutes total of ride time if I'm lucky.

I figured buying 9ah batteries instead of the old 7ah ones I had before would help, but apparently not. Are there any batteries I could buy through this store or any modifications I could make to extend the range?

I just saw another thread with a range calculator, and based on the chart provided by ESP my scooter should be getting AT LEAST 45 minutes of ride time, so it seems something is wrong. I should also note I am only 150lbs and the area I ride in is generally flat. 

New batteries require formatting before they will provide maximum capacity. I would try deeply discharging and recharging the batteries many times to see if the range increases as the batteries are being formatted.

If the range is still not long enough after the batteries have been formatted then upgrading to batteries with a higher Ah rating would be needed to increase the range of the scooter.


Thank you for your response. I was not aware of the formatting cycle, and have only used the batteries maybe 10 times or so.

Should I need to upgrade to a higher Ah rating, what would you recommend from your store keeping in mind they need to fit inside a Razor E300 deck? Thank you.


You are welcome. Two of our 12 Volt 12Ah or 15Ah batteries (6" long x 3-7/8" wide x 3-3/4" high) will fit inside of the Razor E300 battery box however they will stick up around 1-3/8" higher than the original batteries do so the aluminum deck would need to be raised up around 1-1/2" in order to install them, or a new deck could be made out of plywood that has a cutout in the middle of it for the batteries to stick up through.


The photo above shows what I believe are two 10Ah batteries. Two 12Ah or 15Ah batteries would require a large cutout in the deck however they could be laid down on their sides so the wires were not exposed.

Raising the deck could be done with longer mounting bolts and just about any material that could be placed between the frame and the deck such as wood or metal.

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