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Looking for a Suggestion to get Best Electric Scooter

 Hey Groupies,

Next month on 20th my son is getting 17 years old and i am planning to buy him a electric scooter on his birthday. Even, I have booked Razor E300 electric scooter from an online website

Now scooter will be delivered to me by next 10 days. My husband is asking for some other electric scooter which his friend has told him.

So i would like to have your suggestions or experiences about razor E300 electric scooter. So that i can decide whether to remain with my selection or should i cancel the order.



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Hi Gianna,

Razor electric scooters are made from some of the highest quality parts in the industry so they are good scooters, however, the Razor E300 only has a 250 Watt motor which is not very powerful for the weight of a young adult sized person. The E300 scooter is also sized for a child and not an adult so it would probably not fit him very well. 

I believe that a 17 year old would grow tired of the small size, slow speed, and lack of power that the E300 scooter has fairly quickly and the scooter would probably sit unused after that.

I recommend getting a larger and more powerful electric scooter for someone in that age range so they have a scooter that they can grow into and will provide the power and speed that they are expecting.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro scooter is Razor's larger and more powerful electric scooter however it is geared towards adult commuters and not so much towards teenagers. It does not have cast aluminum wheels needed for rough riding conditions such as trail and offroad, and it also does not have the coolness factor that most teens want their scooters to have. 

The type of scooter that your son would most enjoy would be something like the UberScoot 1000W electric scooter

Like Razor electric scooters, UberScoot electric scooters are also made from high-quality parts. However, larger UberScoot electric scooters such as the 1000W are designed for adult size riders instead of children. They have a high coolness factor and offer great performance. They can be used on the road and also offroad due to their full suspension design, strong cast aluminum alloy rims, and heavy-duty tires.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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