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500w motor connectors on e300

I have a Razor e300 I'm converting to 36v with a 500W motor. The stock motor connectors are much smaller than the spade connectors that come on the 500W motor. I am not sure what the process is at this point. 

Do I have to cut off the connectors on the new motor as well as on the old motor, and crimp the old connectors to the new motor for it to be compatible with the new 36V controller? OR, do I need to mod the controller and cut off the stock connector and splice on larger female connectors?  Or do I need a different controller? 

I have purchased a 36V 500W controller, but it only fits the smaller connectors from the old motor. Would using the smaller connectors from the stock motor have consequences in terms of not being able to handle the additional wattage? I haven't found a solution in any forum but this is a common mod. Not sure what the process is for this, please advise.

The Razor E300 scooter's original motor has 6.3mm wide male terminals which are the standard size for most electric scooter motors and controllers.

If the new motor has larger terminals than the original motor has, then it most likely has 7.8mm wide terminals. We recommend replacing the oversized terminals on the new motor with 6.3mm terminals because then it will have standard terminals that will fit most speed controllers.

6.3mm terminals are used on motors rated up to 1000 Watts so they will work fine on a 500 Watt motor.

You could cut the terminals off of both motors and splice the old motor's 6.3mm terminals onto the new motor. Or for a more professional looking installation, we sell 6.3mm male terminals for between 10 and 11 cents each on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Gotcha, easy enough. Thank you for the detailed response!

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