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Trying to Slow down an E100 Electric Scooter

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We now have variable speed conversion kits for Razor E100 electric scooters (version 16 and up). They are available both with and without throttle top speed limiters.

I'm trying to slow down an E100 electric scooter with some sort of variable speed controller.  We bought the scooter for my daughter but it seems to be a little fast for her at the moment so I figured that if there was some sort of variable speed controller with a dial I can increase the speed a little at a time as she gets more comfortable. 

the kickstart feature doesn't bother me so I really don't want to change the throttle unless I have to. 

The Razor E100 scooter has a single (non-variable) speed throttle and controller so the top speed cannot be adjusted.

The only way to accomplish top speed adjustability would be to install a variable speed throttle and controller along with a throttle top speed adjuster which we carry. The cost for all of these parts would be around $45 through $50.

If you are interested in making the scooter variable speed with a top speed adjuster then please let us know and we can figure out and let you know what parts would be needed.

I would like to slow down my daughters e100 Razor scooter. Please help me purchase the parts
Hi Kevin, our 24 Volt 150 Watt speed controller item # SPD-24150 along with our variable speed throttle item # THR-84 could be custom installed to give the scooter variable speed control. With these parts, the top speed would remain the same when the throttle was fully engaged though. With these parts installed, to limit the top speed our top speed adjustable limiter item # THR-ADJUSTER could be installed between the throttle and controller.

If you are not up for a custom installation then we could make a plug-and-play kit for The E100 scooter out of these parts. The kit would cost a little more than buying the parts individually, however, would save on the installation time.

If you are interested in a plug-and-play kit then please let us know the version number for the E100 scooter so we can design it for that version.

The version number is located on the ID tag which may be found on the battery charger, battery box, handlebar stem, bottom of the scooter, or other areas. ID Tag Locator

The 7th and 8th numbers on the Razor® ID tag are the version number. For example:
01 = Version 1
09 = Version 9
14 = Version 14

Please let us know if you have any questions.

So I made the mistake of just purchasing the item # THR-ADJUSTER thinking I could use it by itself, but based on what I just read in this thread, it appears I may need the Plug-and-Play kit you described to make it variable speed.

If I send you the number off the Razor can you assemble one of those for my scooter??


Hi can I order the plug and play kit ie speed controller and throttle and limiter for the razor e100.
We have everything to make the Razor Power Core E100 variable speed kit except for the brake lever connectors. We ordered the brake lever connectors today and as soon as they arrive we will make a link for the kit and post it here.
We would also like to get a speed controller kit for our son's scooter. Are theu difficult to install?

They are not difficult to install, however, installation requires replacing both the throttle and brake lever so it is not a 5-minute job either. One person who installed two of the kits told us that it took one hour to install the first kit and half an hour to install the second kit. So the amount of time it takes to install the kit depends mostly on the installer. 

Here are links to the kits:

I would like to order a plug n play kit throttle speed limiter variable speed for the e100 razor version 01

Thanks for your request. We went ahead and made variable speed kits for the Razor E100 Version 1-7 electric scooters.

Here are links to the kits:

We have this one. Razor 13111260 E100 Electric Scooter (Red) I didn’t know there are different versions. I ordered the 16+ a couple days ago. Is this the right one?

The chances are extremely high that it is a version 16+ since it is a brand new scooter. You can confirm that it is a version 16+ by looking at its ID tag and reading the two numbers between the dashes. These two numbers are the version number. 

Do you have any tips on getting all the wires tucked back in? My husband is installing now and is struggling getting everything back in. I'm not home now.

You may want to try wrapping the extra lengths of wire together with zip ties to make it more compact and to keep it in place while the footplate is being installed. 

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