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Razor 350 motor burnt looking to upgrade

I have razor 350 that I already upgraded to 36volt batteries (three 12 volts) and 36 volt controller. Unfortunately it burnt the original motor so time to upgrade to 36 volt motor. What do you have that will be faster and easiest to install. Do I need to start changing sprockets etc.... I see 36 volt 750 watts and 1000 watts etc . What is difference ... is one better off the line and one higher top speed , how about mounting bracket (is there something that fits exactly where current motor does and holes for mounting brackets? I assume connectors are plug and play? Sorry for so many questions . You guys were great on my other questions and purchases
From looking at photos up upgraded MX350 dirt bikes it looks like a 750 Watt or 1000 Watt motor would be just about as easy to install as a smaller 250 or 350 Watt motor.

When upgrading from the original 24 Volt 250 Watt motor to a 36 Volt 750 or 1000 Watt motor the gear ratio could then be raised to make the bike faster. The original 80 tooth wheel sprocket could be replaced with a 65 tooth or 55 tooth sprocket for a faster top speed.

The difference between the MOT-36750B 750 Watt and MOT-361000B 1000 Watt motors is their horsepower and torque, and also their RPM. The 1000 Watt motor is 25% more powerful than the 750 Watt motor. The 750 Watt motor has a 2800RPM shaft speed and the 1000 Watt motor has a 3000 RPM shaft speed. 


The 1000 Watt motor is better off the line and will provide a higher top speed than the 750 Watt motor.

There are no 36 Volt motors that will mount directly on the original motors mounting holes without adjustment. Our MOT-36350 36 Volt 350 Watt motor will fit the original motor's mounting holes however its sprocket sticks out a little further than the original motor's sprocket does so the mounting holes would need to be filed or drilled to reposition the motor. The 750 Watt and 1000 Watt motors mounting bases are larger than the 250 Watt and 350 Watt motor's mounting bases so their mounting holes will not line up with the originals and new holes would need to be drilled or an adapter plate made. 

If you are using the original controller then its motor connector will be plug-and-play with the 750 Watt and 1000 Watt motors.

Please let us know if we missed any question or if you have any new questions.

I am using the 36 volt controller which is not the original controller for the 350. I bought it from you guys . Will the 1000 watt motor work with those plugs. Want it to just plug in with no modifications. Also what is difference between the 65 and 55 tooth sprocket. Is one quicker off line speed or both top end speed. How hard is it to change the sprocket ?
My controller is 36 volt and came as combo with throttle.
The controller that you purchased from us will work with a 36 Volt 750 Watt or 1000 Watt motor.

Both the 750 Watt and 1000 Watt motors will have the right plug to fit onto the controller. You will be able to plug it into the controller with no electrical modifications.

The MX350 uses #25 chain. The MOT-36750B 750 Watt motor comes with a sprocket for #25 chain, and the MOT-361000B 1000 Watt motor comes with a sprocket for 8mm chain. We have an SPR-2511C sprocket for #25 chain available for the 1000 Watt motor. We also have an SPR-862F 62 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain available that will fit onto the MX350 rear wheel. The 8mm chain is bigger and longer lasting than the #25 chain.

The 65 tooth sprocket provides less speed and more torque for faster acceleration and better hill climbing. The 55 tooth sprocket provides more speed buy slower acceleration and not as good of hill climbing.

The wheel sprocket is fairly easy to change with no special tools required.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Hi I ordered 750 watt motor. Was unable to find product code on site so I called number. The person who helped me was very nice but confused and said he knew motor I needed. However it was delivered and does not come with plug to go into controller. Instead it has metal tips and requires modifications. I assume this is wrong based on what we discussed above. How do I get InTouch with you... name? I need you to help me get right one and so I can return what was sent. You can leave me your name and number I can reach you that would be great.

ESP Support is a team of people and not an individual. When you call you could ask for Jon at extension 100 as he is our most experienced support agent in regards to technical questions.

Those metal tips on the end of the motor wires are what we call terminals and they are necessary to connect the motor to the controller. Those terminals insert into a housing to form a connector which plugs into the controller.

What is needed to plug the motor into the controller is a terminal housing which looks like this.

The terminal housing that is on the original motor can be reused by extracting the terminals from it and then inserting the new motor's terminals back into it. There are locking tabs on the terminals which can be pushed in with a small precision flathead screwdriver to remove them from the housing.

If you are unable to extract the terminals from the housing then please let us know and we will send you a new terminal housing to complete the installation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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