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Razor e300 Complete Rebuild

I want to make my Razor e300 go as fast and as far as possible. I intend to gut the whole thing down to the frame- just need a little help to match the battery, motor, controller & throttle. (Open to suggestions on gearing- there are some hills around here so I will need a little torque). Money is no object for this build- would love to see this thing get to 40 mph.

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Both increased speed and increased range require larger battery capacity so the best place to start would be to figure out how to add the largest possible battery pack onto the scooter.

At 40 MPH there is a significant amount of air resistance (drag) so a 2000 Watt or larger motor would be required. This motor would use a lot of battery power and the E300 scooter is fairly small so fitting a large enough battery pack on that scooter for a 40 MPH top speed and an increased in range over the stock scooter may be a challenge. However, with enough creativity and ingenuity, you should be able to accomplish it

We just got in stock a batch of new 60 Volt 2000 Watt 5600 RPM motors which are not even listed on our site yet. All 2000 Watt electric scooter motors that I know of are 60 Volts so that is the battery pack Voltage you should aim for.

Here is a gear ratio calculation for a 40 MPH top speed with this 2000 Watt motor and 10 inch tires. As you can see a 42 tooth wheel sprocket would be required.


The E300 scooter's original brakes will not be powerful enough to stop the scooter at 40 MPH so you will need to upgrade to disk brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

We ran some calculations and found that on flat ground the scooter will need a battery pack made from five 12V 15Ah batteries for a 30 minute ride time and five 12V 26Ah batteries for a 60 minute ride time. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

What would be the best kit for the E300s, is fastscooter products any good.
I've been looking around for some disk brakes for my 300s just one problem how can I know what will fit and won't?
Hi Danny, the best kit for the E300S scooter depends on your goals for the modifications. If you could share your goals for the modification such as top speed, range, terrain, etc. then that would help us to narrow down the best kit for it.

Since the E300S scooter does not originally have disc brakes there are no OEM disc brakes that will fit it so installing disc brakes would be a custom job. On our disc brakes page, we have a threaded disc brake rotor adapter item # BRK-142, rotor item # BRK-512, and caliper item # BRK-480R that would fit on the E300S's rear wheel and replace its original band brake.

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