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Razor Ground Force drifter upgrade


I'm looking to upgrade the Razor Ground Force drifter (Blue). From other articles on the forum, I've narrowed the options down to:
1. 24V 500Watt Kit (will need: Higher AH Batteries, Motor)

2. 36V 500Watt Kit (will need: Higher AH Batteries, Motor, Switch & Throttle)

Can you please:
a. Create the Kits with part numbers for order.

b. Provide a quick feedback on Options 1 and 2 as I have outlined above, including pros and cons for 24v vs 36v systems.

c. Recommend another option for the upgrade.

Thank you,

Yes, we can create a 24V 500 Watt or 36V 500 Watt kit for your Razor Ground Force Drifter modification upgrade.

Both a 24V and 36V 500 Watt kit will have the exact same amount of power and speed. The main difference between them is the size of their battery packs. A 24 Volt kit would have two batteries and a 36 Volt kit would have three batteries. However, for a longer ride time, we could also make a 24 Volt kit with four batteries or a 36 Volt kit with six batteries.

The pros and cons between 24V and 36V 500 Watt kits amounts to the size of their battery packs and how these battery packs will fit onto the go-kart.

We currently have ten modification kits for the Razor Ground Force Drifter ranging between 24 to 48 Volts and 500 to 1000 Watts. Some of these kits have forward only and some of them have forward and reverse. Here is a link to the page where these kits can be viewed: 

If one of these kits looks perfect for your project then it can be purchased anytime. Also please keep in mind that we can make a new version of any of these kits with changes made to it to suit your modification. For example, we could make a version with larger batteries for more ride-time, or with a different throttle, or with a larger battery charger for faster battery charging in between uses.

Please have a look at our existing kits for the Razor Ground Force Drifter and if you have any questions about them or like one of them but want to change something about it then please let us know and we will be glad to help.

Thank you!

So I'm thinking to go with the 24v 500Watt option. I noticed that most of the kits include speed controller as well as throttle. Since I already have the original throttle and controller, do I need to purchase a new one to support 500Watt?

Also, is my assumption correct that 15Ah batteries on the 24v 500Watt setup will give me around the same ride time as the 7Ah batteries on 24v 250Watt original?

And lastly, are there any other options to have 24v batteries with longer ride time? Let's say 50Ah or even higher batteries from Golf carts or something similar?

Thanks again,


The Ground Force Drifter's original throttle's plug is not compatible with the throttle plug that the controller in the kit has so we include a new throttle with the kit that is compatible and plug-and-play with the controller.

You are absolutely correct about the ride time. A 15Ah battery pack with 500 Watt motor will have the same ride time, or maybe a little longer, as a 7Ah battery pack with a 250 Watt motor.

It is no problem to use larger batteries for a longer ride time. There is no limit to the size of batteries that can be used other than where and how to mount them and their weight. For example, we could make a new version of the 500 Watt kit with 22Ah, 35Ah, 50Ah, or even larger batteries and a larger battery charger that is capable of recharging them.

If you would like for us to make a new version of a kit with larger batteries then please let us know what the kit's item number is and what size batteries to upgrade it to, and we will make a new version of the kit and post a link to it here. There is no obligation to buy the new version of the kit and we will be glad to make it so it is in our kit inventory list for everyone to see.

Thank you. But do I need to buy new controller or will my original one work? Will check on the batteries and get back to you.
The Ground Force Drifter's original controller is for a 250 Watt motor and not compatible with a 500 Watt motor so a new 500 Watt controller would need to be installed along with the new 500 Watt motor.

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