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Newbie with questions

Hello everyone and new to this site. I've been kicking around the notion of building an electric beach wagon for surf fishing. My home beach doesn't allow driving. There's about a hundred yards or so of soft sand and 1/2 to 1 mile of pulling to get to my favorite spot. I'm a Journeyman Wireman for 23 years and welded and fabricated most of my career. So as far as building what I want there's no problem. So here's my question: I have 2 options for my running gear. A friend of mine who is a paraplegic is giving me his electric wheelchair in December. I can take the running gear,motor and controls and put some wheeleez wheels on it? Or I have a gear drive with input in the front and 2 outputs on either side. Just like a rearend in a car with positive traction. The ratio on the gear drive is 13-1. The front turns 13 to output of 1. It is heavy duty. And It would take some figuring to get the speed right to 3-4 mph. I would need a 24v motor and a motor starter controller. Or motor drive. Which of these would work best for my application? And what would be @ cost to get the gear drive working? If the wheel chair would be strong enough it seems it would be the cheapest choice.
We do not carry and are not very familiar with motor starter controllers or motor drives, however, we do carry what we call speed controllers which allow the motor to have infinitely variable speed control from a full stop to full speed and everywhere in between. A throttle needs to be used with our speed controllers to tell it how fast to run the motor and we carry this part also.

We do not know how many Watts the wheelchair controller and motor are, or what its gear ratio is, or what size Wheeleez tires would be installed on it, so we are not able to run calculations to see if it would be powerful enough for a beach wagon.

Regarding the gear drive unit with 13:1 gear ratio we could help with determining how to incorporate it into the drivetrain for a 3 to 4 MPH top speed. We would need to know all of the drivetrain details such as wheel diameter, sprocket sizes, and powertrain configuration. A drawing would probably be needed to successfully convey this information. 

However, we carry gear motors that have low enough gearing to use with only a chain between them and the axle and have low enough gearing for a 3 to 4 MPH top speed. Using one of these gear motors would simplify the drivetrain considerably compared to using a gear drive unit which would need two chains to operate.

Please let us know your thoughts on this or if you have any questions.

has any one added electric assist to a DINO KART 

Some of our customers have converted Kettler Kettcar pedal cars which are similar to Dino Karts to be electric powered. I am not sure if anyone has converted a Kettcar to have electric assist, however, the process would not be very different than converting it to be electric powered.

Here are links to the Kettcar forum posts:

We have sprockets, freewheels, and freewheel to axle adapters that can be used to run power from a gear motor to the axle. Here is a link to the page that these parts are sold on:

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