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Ecosmart Metro motor and sprocket upgrade

Hello, I'm curious, if I upgrade my motor to 1000w from 500w, this would give me half the range on my battery pack if all else stays the same. However, what if I upgraded the sprocket from 65t to 89t? Shouldn't this take a significant load off the motor and battery pack? Maybe even allowing me to keep the same range? Correct me if I'm wrong.
That depends on how the scooter is driven. If the scooter is driven at the same speed and with the same rate of acceleration as it was with the 500 Watt motor then the range should remain the same. However, if the scooter is driven or accelerated faster with the 1000 Watt motor than it was with the 500 Watt motor then the range would be decreased.

The only reason to install a larger motor is for a faster top speed, better hill climbing ability, and or faster acceleration so installing a larger motor almost always leads to decreased range unless the battery pack is upgraded along with the motor.

If the wheel sprocket was changed from 65 teeth to 89 teeth the torque load on the motor would be reduced, however, the top speed of the scooter would also be reduced so it would take longer to go the same amount of distance and the extra time that it would take to travel between the two points would put extra drain on the battery pack. So generally speaking, installing a larger wheel sprocket usually will not provide a longer driving range.

I'm looking for better hill climbing ability. 

Ecosmart Metro with 2500rpm motor, 10t & 65t sprockets travels at 18.37mph max according to ESP calculator. With a 3000rpm motor, 10t & 80t (instead of 89t) sprockets, the scooter will travel at 17.9MPH max. In this particular case my reasoning leads me to believe that the battery will give me the same range. However, I'm just trying to get my head around this. What do you think? 

Thanks for your help. 

If with the new 1000 Watt motor (and controller) the scooter is traveling faster up hills then that will consume more battery capacity than when it was traveling slower up the same hills. I would expect less range with the new motor and sprocket, while at the same time hoping for the same range.

That was helpful. I really appreciate the feedback!

hi i brought yesterday razor metro electric scooter. i have charger for 12 hours but i couldn't ride continuously 25 minits. what should i do for getting extra hours to ride . can i add extra battery. if i need extra battery how much its cost. 

in the manual they said we can continusly ride for 40 minits . but couldnot. i nedd extra hours to ride battery atleast  11/2 hours. 

please help me 

can i fix extra battery. how much its cost normal battery.


Hi Navamani, since the Razor EcoSmart scooter runs on 36 Volts an extra battery could not be added without overvolting the scooter which would increase the scooter's power and most likely lower its range.

For a 1-1/2 hour range, a new battery pack made from three 12 Volt 22 Ah batteries should do the job. Or a new battery pack made from three 12 Volt 15 Ah batteries along with the original battery pack and a switch to change between the two.

I believe that three 12 Volt 15 Ah batteries will fit in the scooter's battery tray but am not 100% certain so please take measurements to confirm if you choose to go that route. Our 12V 15Ah batteries measure 6" long x 3-7/8" wide x 3-3/4" high (151mm x 99mm x 96mm).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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