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Urgent, 36V 3 battery upgrade with diagrams in time for Christmas

I know...there are about 100 discussions about this, but I am likely the most electrically challenged person on this site.  

My daughter will be getting an razor mx650, 17mph+- for Christmas and handing her razor dune buggy down to my son.

I need the 24v dune buggy to go close to the speed of the mx650, BUT, I also need it to have a long run time and good torque.

I am considering dumping the old 4 year old batteries and installing 3 new 12V batteries.  

I would like it to fit under the same cover.  Any suggestions on batteries that will fit that are cheap (maybe a 3 pack of the 12V 15ah batteries for the mx650)?

Also, I know I need a new charger, which 36V charger will charge 12V batteries with the same plug-in that used on the dune buggy and work with 3 batteries up to...say 15ah?

Do I need as high as 15ah?  Will the 8ah be OK, or would 10 or 12 be better?

Last thing.  I seriously need an idiot proof diagram of the wiring instructions to add the 3rd battery to the current set up.  

Other than the original battery pack, we do not know what size battery packs will under the Razor Dune Buggy's battery cover. For a solution, the new battery pack's size could be mocked up with cardboard and tape and placed under the battery cover to determine if it fits.

For a deeply discharged 36 Volt 15 Ah battery pack a 36 Volt 1.6 Amp charger will recharge it in 11.3 hours, and a 36 Volt 2.5 Amp charger will recharge it in 7.2 hours. The Dune Buggy's original charger port can be reused for a 36 Volt battery pack.

The higher the Ah rating of the battery pack the longer the ride time will be so 15 Ah batteries would be best in regards to ride time.

Here are battery pack wiring diagrams for 24 Volt, 36 Volt, and 48 Volt battery packs.


Thanks so much!!  You guys are great!

Also need help I wired it according to the three battery diagram that I must’ve done something wrong because when I was connecting the batteries negative to positive I got Sparks so I I need help to wire this thing correctly so that I don’t start any fires

It is normal to get a spark when making the final battery pack wiring harness connection. We drew a wiring diagram specifically for your Razor EcoSmart electric scooter which can be viewed on this page:

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