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Razor Power Core E100 Variable Speed Throttle & Controller Replacement

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We now have a plug-and-play kit and a plug-and-play kit with speed limiter available for converting the Power Core E100 scooter to have variable speed control and a series of detailed videos showing how to install the kit can be found by scrolling down this page.


I'm having a hard time figuring out how to modify my son's Razor Power Core E100.  I would like to replace both the throttle and controller but I don't see the parts available online.  Does this model have cross compatibility with other similar Razor models?
Sorry i was unclear, i'd like to remove the 3mph start restriction and add a variable speed throttle.


There are no variable speed throttles and controllers from other Razor models that are plug-and-play cross-compatible with the Power Core E100 electric scooter.

We are currently working on a plug-and-play kit that makes the Power Core E100 scooter have variable speed throttle. The kit will include a new throttle and controller. We expect to have the kit available sometime in January 2018.

If you are up for a custom installation with parts that are not plug-and-play then we do have off the shelf parts that could be custom installed to give the scooter variable speed control. These parts would be the SPD-24150 controller and THR-84 throttle.

After we have the plug-and-play kit ready we will post a link to it here.
i have no problem at all with a custom install.  what's a typical difference between custom and plug-n-play?  just the quick connect ends?

Yes, the difference is just the quick connect ends, and possibly the wire lengths.

With a custom install, the controller's wire connectors may not match with the connectors on the parts that are to be attached to it. Or if the connectors do match then the polarity of the wires may not be the same between the controller and the part attached to it, so the terminals in the connector may need to be reversed. Or the wires may not be long enough so they need to be extended.

With a plug-and-play kit, all the right connectors are already on the controller and if any wire lengths need to be extended they are so the old controller and throttle can be removed and replaced with the kit's parts without having to install any new connectors or having to extend any wires.
alright, parts ordered.  Thanks for your help!



Happy holidays!  So today I finally had time to fit the part suggested above into my son's power core e100 and I got it working rather easily.  I bumped into a couple things that may be relevant when kitting for this scooter.

1.)  Obviously the quick connect fittings didn't match up but they weren't expected to.  This didn't really cause any trouble as I just made my own connections directly.

2.)  The brake handle on the scooter disabled the motor whenever i connected it.  I just disconnected it but I believe the issue was that the brake acts like a normally closed switch while the controller is expecting a normally open connection.

3.)  I have my doubts that the battery level indicator is operating correctly but I can't confirm that as I seem to have misplaced the power charger for the scooter.

4.)  The scooter will work perfectly for a few minutes and then it suddenly stops delivering power to the motor even though I see lights on the power indicator and the on/off switch.  I again suspect it's a battery issue but I won't know for sure until my new charger arrives later today.



Hi, did you manage to get it working?



Thanks for letting us know how the modification went.

The original brake lever must have a normally closed switch as you mentioned so we will need to include a brake lever with normally open switch when we make the conversion kit.

The throttle's battery level indicator with low reading and the scooter only running for a few minutes are both caused by a battery pack with low Voltage. If the battery pack is good then once it has been recharged those problems should go away.

I'm in the process of changing over the second Razor E100 to a variable speed throttle and have learned some new things.  I'm also making a precise video of the best way to install the new kit.  So once I get the second scooter back together I will edit the video on Windows Movie Maker and will post it.  

I'm finding that once you have installed a couple of these variable speed throttles you become somewhat of an expert on the best way to do it.  Today is February 19, 2018 and I should have the second scooter finished today and the video posted on YouTube in the next couple of days.  

I made a video of how to install the new Throttle Control Kit on a Razor E-100 Scooter.  Just click on all five segments starting with number 1. 

Here is a link to the Razor Power Core E100 variable speed conversion KIT-PC100 kit that was used in these videos:

And here are the videos inserted into the forum for easy viewing.

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