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HELP, HELP, Razor dune buggy mod no power

I just did the razor dune buggy 36v mod, just put 3 12v 15ah batteries wired correctly using the original plug in (No fuse), original power switch and original charger port. Bath 1 neg lead to original plug and pos lead to neg lead bath 2. Bath 2 pos lead to neg lead bath 3. Bath 3 pos lead to pos original plug. See pic. Essentially all original except the batteries. See pic 1st question, does it matter which of the two red wires go to which red male plug on the power switch? It works either way. See pic Brand new batteries and there is less power than original 24v system. Would they ship 12v batteries with no charge?? I don't have a meter. Buggy works just no power...I can easily hold the wheel w my hand and it won't turn.
Just tested w volunteer and all batteries reading 12.6. Please help, trying to upgrade this for my son's Christmas present
Just load tested all 3, eith power on they each go from 12.3 to 12 when you hit the throttle, and all together (testing from original plug) goes from 37.5 to 36.2.
One last thing. When I plugged the 2 red wires back up to the power switch it popped, but everything continued to work just as it had before. Still not sure if it makes a difference which red wire goes to which lead. Help,lol
...and I decided to charge with the 36v charger and the batteries sound like they are fuzzing when charging. Please see all 5 posts total
Here is a pic of the charger.
From looking at the photos of your battery pack we can confirm that it is wired correctly.

New batteries should have a nearly full charge in them when shipped, however, to format them they should be charged for 12 hours before their first use. The charger in your photo is the right Voltage and Amperage for a 12Ah-15Ah battery pack. Some lead-acid batteries will make a little bit of fuzzing sound when charging while others will not. If the batteries are making a fizzing sound then we recommend keeping an eye on them for their first charge to make sure they don't start to get hot, which would indicate a problem with them. When recharging a 12Ah-15Ah battery pack with a 1.5 Amp charger we would not expect the batteries to get warm and to stay cool.

When making the final connection of the wiring harness to a switch or battery a pop or spark is normal. So long as both wires go to the switches contact leads then it should not matter which wire goes to which lead. If the motor runs at all then the power switch is wired correctly and working. The power switch cannot cause a partial loss of power problem,

The battery load test results show low Voltages so that may be what is causing the low motor power problem.  The individual batteries should be at around 13.8 Volts each when not under load, and when under a heavy load should drop around 1 Volt. 

We can not say for certain that the problem is undercharged batteries but we recommend recharging the battery pack for 12 hours and then see how the go-kart operates then.

If a 12-hour charge does not help then please let us know and we will take it from there.

You guys are just absolutely amazing...really.  I will buy all my parts from here from now on.  I will be upgrading the motor and the controller for it soon and will come here.  

By the way, I have an electric offroad skateboard that my neighbor gave me.  It's an EMAD Dirt Rider 800 Watt.  There was no charger or remote control with it.  Any suggestions on how to get those parts or should I just use that motor for the dune buggy, lol. 

We carry some parts for the EMAD 800 electric skateboard however I do not see the charger or remote control on our parts page for it. I do not think that we will be able to get a remote control for it however we can certainly match up a battery charger for it.

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