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Razor Dune Buggy upgrade question

I've read most of what is on this forum but want to clarify 2 things. 1. If I add a 3rd 12v battery to the dune buggy leaving all else stock do I need to change the throttle or can it handle the 36v? 2. If I install the 36v 650 watt motor and controller from the mx650 dirt rocket and a 3rd battery I should not expect a speed increase over the original 24v 350watt set up on 24v? I would guess much more torque of not more speed. Please confirm or tell me if I've misunderstood. Thanks Carl
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Larger diameter fronts on. They are 10" tall and much wider tread. Bore for axle was 5/8 so bought 5/8" plastic sockets from Ace hardware, see part # in photo and a 13/32 drill bit from Ace also. Total of $11 combined. Drilled out sockets and was an exact for to axle. Bore length was same as original tires so plenty of thread for the nut. With the new larger rear tires it has gone from easy jog speed to faster than I can run by quite a bit. I'll see if I can find my radar gun for exact speed. Still enough torque for hill climbs. Fronts are 4.10/3.50-4 $6 each, rears are 4.10/3.50-6 at 12.25" tall $15 each all harbor freight.
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Ready to test
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Those are super awesome low-cost modifications with a big impact on performance and looks. Thank you very much for sharing this information with the forum. We can't wait to see what you do next!

Snow outside so haven't had a chance to try the 11.5 inch rear tires with 10 inch fronts. Did just receive new tires from England that should be perfect for too speed or 48v brushless conversion. These are 14.5 inches tall and a quarter inch narrower at the hub so more room to put the nut on the axle. Hub is 1 inch so the extra tubes I ordered will be perfect. $38 total delivered to more door for a pair. Took 12 days due to a delay. Need to test current wheel set up before going 48v brushless and 48v LiFePo4.

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We were able to ride the Dune Buggy and compare to the Razor Rx500 today.  Driven by twins of same size to remove that factor.  The Razor 500 is stock.  The Dune Buggy is using the Mx 650 dirt bike motor on 36volts and using a 13 tooth motor gear purchased from the good folks here at Electric Scooter Parts.  They were pretty much dead even except that the Dune Buggy leaped off the line and the 500 spent the next 100 yards within a few feet of the dune buggy.  This is with 10 inch tires on the front and 12.25 inch rubber on the rear.  Torque is FAR greater than stock for the dune buggy as we next went to hill climb.  The Mx500 also could not climb the same hill.  Lagged just slightly as the Dune Buggy was at nearly as stand still by the time it crested the hill and on the 3rd attempt it hit a dead stop and couldn't crest the hill.  Next is 48v brushless power with LiFePo4 cells and 14.5" tires.  All on order.

Out testing mods
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