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Razor dune buggy missing axle key for brakes

Brakes did not work when I bought it 2nd hand. Found the rectangular slot (keyway) in the drive shaft was missing the 3/16 key that connected the drive shaft to the brake. ACE Hardware sells 3/16 keys for $0.80. It is 1.25" long and needs to be cut down to 3/4" to slide in place. You'll need to unscrew the 3 screws holding the disc brake to the ring that is around the drive shaft to access this slot.

A 3/16" key is a little too small for the Razor Dune Buggy brake rotor and axle. Since a 3/16" key is smaller than the original key it could work its way out of the keyway and damage the rotor or axle in the process.

We sell the correct size axle key which is our item # RAZ-AXLEKEY. It is sold on our Razor Dune Buggy parts page.


It was a touch loose and it must be cut to fit so this is nice. Thanks! Really appreciate you guys take the time to be helpful.
You are welcome and thank you for starting this forum topic.

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