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Brake foot pedal conversion

My boy just turned 3 and is getting pretty good with his Razor Fury. I've moved the seat forward about 5 inches for him but he can't get his little hands around the brake lever and probably doesn't have the strength if he could. Any suggestions regarding the simplest options for converting to a foot brake? I notice the brake lever has an electric wire too; does this cut the power? Thank you
The brake lever's electric wire connects to a switch in the lever and cuts power when the brake is on.

There are no commercially produced foot brake pedals that we know if which work with bicycle brake cable like the Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury uses for its brake.

Unless one can be found that is factory made then a custom made brake pedal that works with bicycle brake cable would need to be fabricated.

 Thanks for the reply. As you suggested I fabricated a brake pedal from an old padlock clasp and a bit of 7/8 tube I found and it works great. I'm sure there are neater ways than using the lever but this way when he's a bit bigger I'll just put it back on the handle bars...



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