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MX650 Upgrade path - What's the biggest motor I can swap in?

Hi everyone - "Santa" delivered a brand new MX350 for my son, and I loved it so much I bought the MX650 for myself. These little boogers are a lot of fun! But I need some more speed..

My question is this - what type of power/speed increase would I see if I just swapped out the motor to a larger one - say, a 1000watt? Is it even worth it?

I also like this kit here too - and it looks like a more efficient option. : KIT-MX481600-2

Anyone have feedback on this kit?

Is there anything else I would need? How difficult is the labor? I am not too electrically savvy.



The 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor (item # MOT-361000) is longer than the MX650's original motor so it will not fit in the frame unless major modifications are made to it.

We have a 36 Volt 800 Watt motor (item # MOT-36800) that will fit in the MX650 frame and if an 800 or 1000 Watt controller is installed along with it will provide 150 Watts more power than the original 650 Watt motor which is an 18.75% increase. With a more powerful motor installed the original 80 tooth wheel sprocket could continue to be used for an increase in torque for faster acceleration and hill climbing, or a smaller wheel sprocket such as our 65 tooth sprocket could be used for faster top speeds.

Our 48 Volt 1800 Watt kits have been successfully installed by several of our customers and we have received fantastic feedback regarding their ease of installation and performance. Here are links to these kits:

Our 48 Volt 1800 Watt kits are electronically plug-and-play and have matching and labeled connectors on all of the parts so no knowledge of electronics is needed to install them. Basic mechanical skills and tools such as a power drill and hacksaw are needed to install the motor, speed controller, and batteries.

Thanks for the reply. I'll probably go with the 1600w kit and do it right the first time.

Can you provide any instructions or videos on installation? I'm curious to see what exactly needs to be sawed off. Will a sawzall work?

That sounds like a good plan. One of our customers who purchased the 1800 Watt conversion kit is working on a video showing the installation process, however, the video is not finished yet. Once this video is finished it will be on YouTube and I will post a link to it.

Where the back side of the motor is mounted to the bike's frame, there are two motor mounting tabs with a bar between them. The bar between the two motor mounting tabs needs to be cut out to make room for the 1800 Watt motor's power cord because it exits the motor right where the bar is. A hacksaw would make quick work of removing this small bar of metal.

Perfect. Do instructions come with the kit?

We currently do not have installation instruction for the 1800 Watt Razor MX series dirt bike kits. That is something which we will be working on and will have in the future though.

Since the electronics of the kit all have matching and labeled connectors on them installation of the kit only involves mounting the motor, controller, throttle, and batteries which are all fairly straightforward mechanical tasks.

okay, last question. Since my MX650 is brand new, I'm thinking of buying the NB kit then adding one extra battery to add. Which battery should I pick up that matches the amperage of the 3 factory batteries?

The Razor MX650 dirt bike's three factory batteries are 12 Volt 12 Ah (12V 12Ah).

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