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Help wiring throttle to controller

Hi, I want to replace the single speed throttle/controller currently on my razor mx350 with a variable speed controller. I've worked out all the wiring except for the key switch/power meter on the throttle. Can you tell me exactly how to wire up part number THR-105K (throttle) to SPD-24500B (controller)? I've read the notes on the pages, I understand the variable speed throttle connection, but not the power/key switch. It seems you wire the 2 remaining wires from the throttle assembly (thick red and thick yellow) to the red/blue "power switch" on the controller. If this is right, how does the power meter get the voltage of the batteries? Does the "power switch" connector on the controller carry +24V? Thanks

Hi....OK I've never worked on this's what I think. Refer to my attached chart.  The small black/red/white from the throttle are the standard speed control lines to the controller. It appears then that they are using a 2 wire +24 volt signal from the controller to go to the key switch. Turning the key off would interrupt the +24v and turn off power. the +24 volt lines at the controller show that they are likely green and yellow. Depending on your controller (they sometimes vary) these 2 wires will go to red & blue or red & black connector. If you have a volt meter you should be able to measure resistance across the green/yellow at the throttle while switching the key. One way the wires will show zero ohms (closed/on) the opposite infinite ohms (open/off). 

(69.9 KB)

Here is the diagram for wiring THR-105K to SPD-24500B.

Thanks for the replies, I did manage to figure it out. Thanks Gene for confirming the power switch wires do carry 24V.

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