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Razor MX650 modification help

I have a Razor mx650 and I'm thinking of modifying it to make it better. I have a plan for it but I need advice to see if this will actually work and not fry my motor.

I have a 48v charger and a 48v speed controller and throttle (not on the bike) and I was thinking of overvolting the stock 650w motor. will this fry my motor, if so how long will it take? Also, what would be the top speed? Thanks.

As long as the motor does not overheat then it will not burn out. We would not expect to have motor overheating problems on flat ground however if there are long or steep hills, or deep mud or sand, then that could possibly overheat and burn out the motor.

Brushed electric motors run around 33% faster when overvolted from 36 to 48 Volts, so the top speed should increase from 17 MPH to 22 MPH. A smaller wheel sprocket could be installed for a faster top speed so long as doing so does not cause the motor to run hot.

If anyone else reading this needs a kit to modify their MX500, MX650, or SX500 dirt bike to run on 48 Volts then we have kits for them at this link:

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