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How to find “Link Pin” on chain for Razor Ground Force Drifter

Thanks for an awesome forum. This may be a dumb question but how do you find the “Link Pin” on the chain for a Razor Ground Force Drifter go kart? I am replacing the stock 24V motor with a 48V motor and I need to make the chain (#25) longer. However, I can not find the link pin. Thanks for any help you can offer. By the way, I recently recieved and installed a replacement front axel from your store and it works great. Thanks for for your excellent products and customer service.
Thank you for your appreciation, that really means a lot to us.

The Razor Ground Force Drifter's original chain and OEM style replacement chains use a riveted master link which is identical to and indistinguishable from any other link on the chain.

To make a chain with rivet type master link longer, any one of chain's outer links can be removed and replaced with an extra section of chain and two clip type master links.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks so much for the response. I thought I was crazy since I could not find any link that looked different but it all makes sense now. You guys are awesome. Thanks again for everything.

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