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Question about 48 Volt 1800 Watt Motor Electric Go Kart Kit

Greetings. The following item # KIT-481800-16 electric go kart kit is impressive: 

I noticed it comes with a 40 amp ATO blade fuse. Have there been any issues with using this fuse with this motor? Thanks for a great discussion forum.

Hi Gary, I am a recent customer of this kit. I didn’t buy it as a kit, but I have all the parts this kit contains. I installed this set up on a custom kart, and it works great. I have had no problems with the 40A fuse. In fact, I liked this set up so much, I built another kart, that has (2) 2000 watt motors. I will attach some photos of the builds, and one of the phones shows the 40A fuse being used. Feel free to ask any more questions about this motor or kit set up.
Jared. Wow. I don’t know where to start. That go kart looks amazing. I will soon replace the components on my Razor Groundforce Drifter electric go cart (currently 24V motor powered by 7S7P 18650 cells with the following set up: 48V 1000 Watt Brushed Motor with rated current of 26.7 amps 48V charge controller Homemade lithium ion battery pack with following configuration: 14S9P batteries using Samsung INR18650-25R 2500 mAh 18650 cells (connected with spot welder using pure nickel strips. I added a 35 amp fuse (rated for up to 58 volts). I guess my first question for you is what size wiring gauge did you use for the wires to/from the motor and charge controller? Also, where did you get the cool frame (chassis)?
Thank you! I have a lot of fun builind these Karts. The picture of the electronics is off of my kart that used to be a gas powered bar stool racer, (these are worth checking out). And the second picture is of my kar that I built from scratch. So the frame was designed, cut and welded by me. Cost about 30 bucks in metal. I have a frame design drawing somewhere I will try to find and attach to the forum. As for the wire gauge on my 1600 watt set up. I chose 10 gauge wire from the battery pack to the controller. The motor has wires that come with it, and the controller has the matching wires to connect to. So I did not have to provide any wiring between the motor and controller. But I did have to choose what size wiring to use between the battery and the controller. I chose this based on this guide, This is just one of many tools that this website offers. You can find these tools under the Repair Help tab in the home page. I believe it’s the second tab from the left. I use this wire gauge calculator all the time. I would base your calculations off of the specs of the controller. That is the brains of the operation, so base it off of that. If you plan on using the 48v 1000w set up, you will probly have a controller with a 30 Amp limit. So if you use 3 feet of wire, you only need 12 gauge wire. 6 feet you would need 10 gauge, or 1 foot and you only need 18 gauge. So it just depends on your factors. I got this from the wire gauge calculator just now. You can play with the different parameters too. I tend to oversize my wires, but that’s just me. Again, this just pertains to the wiring between the battery pack, and the controller. If you did have to pick wiring for your motor, you can still use this tool. You can use your rated motor current and plug it into the calculator, and find what size to use there as well. Hopefully I didn’t overload you here, but I enjoy taking about this stuff, so feel free to ask away. The support team here is amazing, and I learned a lot from them. So I am just passing what I have leaned along. Check out the Reapir Help tab, you won’t regret it!
Jared, Great information and awesome project in the pictures. I will certainly continue using this site and discussion forum. It has been an excellent source of info. Here are a few pictures of my current “work-in-progress” project. As stated, this is just an upgrade from the existing Razor Drifter so the frame is stock although I recently installed a replacement axel from (which was perfect). The battery pack will is 52V using 19650 lithium ion cells and you are correct in that the controller is rated at 30 amps. One other quick question for you: Any recommendations for a simple voltage/amp meter that I can mount on the go kart without having to use a shunt? Thank you for all of the good info.
Correction.... the battery cells are “18650” lithium ion.

I like the battery pack, it looks good! I might want to pursue something like this in the future. I recently bought a volt/ amp meter for my kart item # MET-100A-ISO:

I plan on using it with my dual motor set up. 2 2000 watt motors, each with a 65A controller.

Jared, Thanks. I knew nothing about spot welding lithium ion cells a few months ago but I started watching the videos on the following link and it did not take long to learn the basics: Here are a few more pictures. Just let me know if you have questions and I will be happy to share what I know. Also, I really like your projects so updates would be great. Gary

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