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I need to connect a half switch throttle to 36V 350W 3 speed controller please help with photo thank You so much

Any specialist can help with attached photo to connect them together Thank You very much? Driving me crazy.




Hi anyone can help me please?

Do you want to use the switch on the throttle for a power switch, reverse switch, or speed limiter switch?

Hi thanks for the reply i only want 2 type 1, on/off switch & 2, speed control by throttle all the rest i don't need but i believed need to by pass but i can confirm which to by pass, please advised. Thank You so Much. 

Cause after i connect once i on my switch the motor move.....& not control by my throttle snoke me. I also facing battery issue cause i think this controller only got speed display but mine is battery display, sad is i order time is not this controller, i order 3 handel line with (red+white, green+white & black +white) i don't know why became this controller.Stress up...

 Please see the attached wiring directions.

Thank You so much i try at 10 pm i believed will be Right, Thank You so so MUCH.

Hi boss sorry i fix the way but still on & the motor run. my white line connected got issue? or my throttle spoil? 

Hi boss thanks really help alot the battery indicator also working well now just left, i cannot control by my throttle you really great.

Hi Bro thanks for helping me, i can't use my throttle to control the motor & my battery also seem don't intake power while charging is there any way to solve it? They told me battery got fuse but i can't find the fuse sorry if i ask too much but i really hope can fixed it just about there le....

Sorry boss, i still can't let the throttle control the motor, but i believed the white line self learning line connected i switch on motor run but not at full speed, i believed i miss out any by pass to let my throttle control the motor, i already change 2 controller le, that is y i don't dare to try any by pass, please need your advised, i need for my part time job. Thousand Thanks.

Sorry Boss, i need to check the charging port need to connect to my controller? Cause mine come with direct charging port connect to battery.

Boss, I still can't control my scooter by my throttle & the power don't charge in is there any more connection need to be done, on/off solve but once i switch on the motor move please advised i try out a lot of time & burn 2 controller earlier, i just wish the scooter speed to be control by my throttle, i really got no way out & i spend 2 month & burn 2 controller i don't dare to try out le, sorry to trouble you because i really need for my job, i am using bicycle now really sad that i can't fix it.  

The self-learning wires need to be disconnected from each other for normal operation.

If the motor runs without twisting the throttle then perform the following test:

  • Turn the power switch off.
  • Make sure the self-learning wires are disconnected from each other.
  • Unplug or disconnect the throttle's red, black, and white wires from the controller.
  • Turn the power switch on.

If at the end of this test the motor runs when the power switch is on that points toward a faulty controller, and if the motor does not run when the power switch is on that points towards a faulty throttle.

With that controller, the charger port connects directly to the battery pack. If the Voltage of the battery pack does not increase while it is being charged then test for Voltage at the charger port, and also for Voltage at the battery charger's output plug while the charger is plugged into the wall. Both the charger port and the battery charger need to have Voltage, otherwise, the battery pack will not charge. If either of these parts does not have Voltage then that points towards a problem with the one that does not.

 At first battery flat easily, then follow by can't turn on, please advised me the model & type of controller to buy or up grade also can Thank You, best is can save the battery, really spend alot by buying wrong model controller worst is if cannot save the battery then the cost almost can by new... Please Kindly advised.




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