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I need to connect a half switch throttle to 36V 350W 3 speed controller please help with photo thank You so much

Any specialist can help with attached photo to connect them together Thank You very much? Driving me crazy.




Boss, tested the motor did not run after disconnected, then i connect back all the line except self learning line, twist the throttle motor not running.

The 36-48 Volt controller that you have is the right Voltage for the battery pack. If the battery pack does not hold a charge then there is nothing that can be done to save or repair it and replacement would be the only option.

Test the battery pack Voltage to confirm that it is over 32 Volts. If the battery pack Voltage is or drops under 32 Volts then the controller will not run the motor. It sounds like that may be what the problem is.

Voltage were correct, the red black line for 3 speed got any use? break line should be white & yellow right? 

I measure the volts is at 38V + ...I did try to open my throttle seem the magnet is not stable on the holder,

Can the self study line connect to red green or black will it help?

Sorry Bro cause some wire which i not using need to do any bypass so that it can became a circuit ?

Boss sorry will the Thin red Thin  grey Tine purple line affect cause purple is motor lock Alarm wire, The three gear speed RED/Black wire don't need to connect or bypass?

The controller will operate normally without anything connected to the alarm connector wires. The three gear variable speed connector's black and orange wires should be bridged together to allow the controller to operate in its high gear.

Now i open up my Throttle red line drop out from twist turning area, how actually the throttle works? I found a thing like magnet, i got soldering machine but i try combine it using test pen motor still don't run...

Thanks Boss really is my Throttle cause i join white & Red it move now is i don't know where should i put in my black.....

But seems like jerking i think there is a control or fuse that control it?

The throttle uses a hall effect sensor. If you search online for 'hall effect sensor' there are many sites out there that can explain how they operate better than I can.

If the motor is jerking that could be caused by the controller or fuse, however, it could also be caused by many other things. To begin troubleshooting that problem I would make sure that all of the connectors are in good condition and there are no bad connections or loose or damaged wires.

Thank You, you really help a lot le, Now is the battery i remember i connect a black line to my controller it turn red which means the charging is going on, also test by meter, will this be an error then correct. Thank You so much for your help at least now can move not like earlier totally wasted burn 2 controller...Thank You.

Hi for this X7, i burn in the wrong resistor & believed already burn the controller, battery is due to corrosive, now i still thinking of way to burn the capacitor & resistor can help me to know usually which electronic parts burn faster then others? The black is the one i burn in & controller looks spoil.


Unfortunately, circuit board level repairs are not where our experience is at so we do not have any knowledge about and are not able to offer any advice regarding the repair of the circuit board. 

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