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Razer Crazy Cart 36v conversion help

I’m 13 years old and have done a bunch of mods to my cart. I’ve upgraded the battery from 24v 5 amps to 24v 7 amps to increase battery life. However, my little brother(5) got a crazy cart for Christmas. The problem is that because i’m Heavier, he beats me if we race and it is hard to keep up. Can I get away with just upgrading the controller and battery pack to 36v without upgrading the motor?
Is the crazy cart xl controller throttle connector the same as on the standard crazy cart controller. Could I use that?

The battery pack and controller could be upgraded to 36 Volts and the motor would work with these new parts. However, when running at 36 Volts the original 24 Volt motor could overheat and burn out, so it would be best for reliability to upgrade it to a 36 Volt motor while making the conversion.

The throttle connector is the same on the standard Crazy Cart and the Crazy Cart XL.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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