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36v through 24v crazy cart motor.

I’ve seen people who have managed to get 50% more speed from their 24v motor running on 36v I know that someone on the forum ran 36v on their 34v crazy cart and blew it up. However, that person was carrying another person in a one made trailer behind them. What is the risk of damaging my motor? I am running the original crazy cart and I have 3 12v 7amp/20hr batteries and a crazy cart xl controller coming. Should I opt to buy the crazy cart xl motor too and try to fit it, or can I get away with my 24v running at 36v?
If I need to fit a crazy cart xl motor, how could I make it fit.

Whether or not the 24 Volt motor gets damaged when running it on 36 Volt depends entirely on how hot it gets because it is the heat that damages motors and not the Voltage. If it is used gently and not at full throttle continuously then the motor may survive being overvolted, however, if it is used hard and ran at full throttle continuously or used to go up hills or tow other people then it would most likely overheat and burn out fairly quickly.

We have not installed a Crazy Cart XL motor onto a Crazy Cart before so we do not have any tips or pointers on how to do that yet.

Thanks for replying. Do you know the mounting dimensions for the crazy cart xl motor? I haven’t been able to find any.

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