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Ecosmart Metro performance upgrade


I have a question regarding motor controllers & performance. I have a heavily modified Razor Metro I’ve been riding for several years. I use a Lithium battery pack (42V/10A) and it gives me a cruising speed of 18mph and a 16-20 mile range. I currently use EScooter's controller SPD-36500A that has a 25 amp rating. I see that model # SPD-CT312C1-3 is rated at 30 amps. My question is in regards to the amp rating. Would the # SPD-CT312C1-3 make available more current (I.E. 30 amps) verses my current 25 amp controller or are these just current limits before the controller would be damaged? Would I notice some performance increase with the 30A controller or would I be better upgrading my motor slightly to a 650W motor from my stock 500W motor? 


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The controller's Amp rating is the maximum amount of current that the controller will demand from the battery pack and supply to the motor. A controller with a 30 Amp current limit will provide 20% more current to the motor than a controller with 25 Amp current limit. 

The controller's rated current limit is an actual maximum current limit set by the controller's electronics, and is not a do not exceed rating. However, most controllers are not designed to run at their maximum current limit continuously and will overheat if that is done. 

The Watts rating of a motor is a do not continuously exceed rating, and does not indicate how much current the motor can demand from the controller. Motors are capable of demanding much more current than they can continuously handle which is why controllers have current limits to help protect the motor.  

A 36 Volt 30 Amp controller could be used on a 36 Volt 500 Watt motor and most motors should provide 20% more power than when the motor is run off of a 25 Amp controller. I just checked and the controller that Razor uses on the EcoSmart scooter has a 30 Amp current limit so the EcoSmart scooter's original motor is designed to be used with a 30 Amp controller.

Thanks for the info...I pretty much assumed that but didn't want to invest in a controller only to find no difference!  Gene

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