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Suitable Chain Tensioner

Hi all, I am looking to get a chain tensioner, if there is any, for my 2000w 60v scooter. I am working on maximising the efficiency of the chain drive for max power and speed. I can't find a suitable chain tensioner anywhere for my scooter. Also, I am looking for bigger sprockets. Will the #25 motor and driven sprocket be suitable for my model? Here is the link to my model: I am talking about the sprockets for #25 chain. Thank you very much in advance.

We do not recommend #25 chain for motors over 1000 Watts because it will wear out fairly quickly due to its small size. Instead of using #25 chain we recommend 8mm (T8F) chain. 

Most universal chain tensioners are made for scooters with welded square or round tube frames instead of frames made from stamped steel plate like the Viper Blade. Due to the unconventional style of frame that the Viper Blade has an off the shelf chain tensioner will probably not be available for it so a custom fabricated or modified chain tensioner would be needed. 

A chain tensioner adds one more moving part to the drivetrain which lowers the reliability of the scooter, so if there is any way that the wheel or motor could be moved to properly tension the chain without needing a chain tensioner that would make for a more reliable scooter. If due to the way the wheel or motor is mounted a chain tensioner is absolutely necessary though then installing one would, of course, be the only option. 

Will the 72 tooth rear wheel sprocket and the 13 tooth 10mm dual d-bore be suitable for the Viper Blade? Does it also come with bolts? Also, I'm looking to get bigger wheels, presumably 12.5 inch wheels in height instead of the 10 inch wheels. Do you have such in this store? Will the 8mm (T8F) chain be suitable for the sprockets named above? Thank you for the help.

I'm looking to get bigger wheels as well for the scooter, 12.5 inch wheels, do you sell them here? I'm looking for wheels that would be compatible with the '74 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain' that would also be compatible with the Viper Blade. The wheels I have now have a 35mm spacing between the bolts, where the 74 tooth has 41mm spacing. Thank you for the help.

We do not know if those sprockets will fit the Viper Blade. Bolts are not included with our sprockets. We do carry 12.5 inch wheels, however, they are not compatible with the Viper Blade scooter or the 72 or 74 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain. 

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