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Razor Quad 500 upgrade on motor and controller

I want to upgrade the electric motor and controller for my new Razor Quad 500.  I am looking at either a 750 or 800 watt motor as I don't want to move stuff around and I want to make it as easy as possible.  I am looing to get a little more speed and hill climbing out of it as well.  I would also upgrade the speed controller to at least 800. 

Not sure if any of these would easily plug into the stock throttle.  Also, not sure if I would have to change a sprocket or not

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 

The Razor Dirt Quad 500 is such a new model that our first shipment of parts for it has not arrived yet so we do not know what size sprockets or chain it uses. 

The original throttle can be reused with a different 36  Volt controller so that is one part that would not need to be replaced.

We found some photos of the Dirt Quad 500 online and can see that it has a gear motor with a mounting base so that should be easy to upgrade.

If you could check and see how many teeth its motor and axle sprockets have and what size chain it uses then we could check and see what the best motor would be to upgrade it with?

I will check both sprockets and chain as soon as I can and will get back with you. 

Ok. I tried the best I could to count everything. Motor sprocket teeth counted 25, body axle teeth count was 71 and chain was 35 links. Hop this helps.
I didn't see any matching ( look a like motor) on your site. Mine has the sprocket center up high not in the middle. The sprocket on the motor is pretty big too.

If the original motor has a 25 tooth sprocket and the shaft is up high then it is a gear motor which is consistent with the type of motor that Razor uses on the regular Dirt Quad.

For 36 Volt gear motors we carry a 600 Watt and 650 Watt version. To upgrade past 650 Watts we carry a 48 Volt 1000 Watt gear motor. 

We do not carry 25 tooth sprockets for these gear motors, and the sprockets we have for them are for #420 chain, so a smaller axle sprocket would need to be installed along with the gear motor in order for the speed to be slightly higher than the quad's original speed. 

A photo of the axle sprocket or measurements of its center hole and bolt hole spacings would help us to match up a #420 sprocket for it. 

We could begin calculating gear ratios and determine sprocket sizes if you could measure and let us know the diameter of the rear wheels.

I am also interested in upgrading the dirt quad 500 with a new motor, 48 volt, controller, add reverse, and a charger. oh new batteries with larger amp hour if you have a recommendation for all this? My Daughter loves it but needs more already. Last summer was long enough at 36 volt. I remember seeing a controller and throttle for the 36 volt razor dirt motorcycle that had a switch to run it at half power also I think? Is that possible? Would be great for my younger son who soon will out grow his 18 volt modified power wheels quad. Thanks for any help and take care.

What type of performance changes do you want the modification to achieve? More speed and same hill climbing, same speed and better hill climbing, a little of both?

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