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Mx 650 upgrade help

I recently bought a 1800 watt 48 v motor and controller and throttle. I have it hooked up but it's not going anywhere. When I have the power switch on I get nothing when it's switched off I have power but doesn't engage. Someone told me I need a 3 way switch so it goes on off on. Can someone help? I'm lost

We need more information to be able to troubleshoot the problem. Could you attach some photos of the wiring or better yet draw a diagram of wiring so we could have a look and see what we can find?

Here's the diagram and some pictures of what I have done

We can not see very many of the wiring connection details in the photos so here is some general advice regarding the installation.

  • The controller's "Power" wires need to be connected to the battery pack wiring harness wires, and not go through the original switch and original wiring harness that connects to the switch, otherwise, the battery pack will not receive power from the battery charger and will not recharge.
  • The "Motor Phase" and "Hall" wires need to be connected to the motor. 
  • The controller's "E-Lock" wires need to be connected to the power switch. 
  • The throttle and charger port need to be connected to the controller. 

These are the only required connections in order for the controller to operate. 

We can see that you have already wired some of the connections listed above however in the interest of completeness we wanted to include all of the required connections in our list.

Thanks for that info i got the motor to go but its really slow and when u put any weight on it it wont go why is that

That type of problem is usually caused by old or worn out batteries. 

We have a battery pack load testing guide that can be used to help determine the battery pack's condition at this link:

I have 1 of those and when turned off its 48.9 and when its on it dont read why is that

If the battery pack Voltage drops to zero when the power switch is on then the batteries are no good and they will need to be replaced. 

I just ordered 3 out of the 4 i have on it and but y does it read that but not when its on though am still waiting for my 48v charger

One of the batteries probably has an open cell which is causing the problem. 

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