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Chubby rider

I weigh 250 pounds witch is 30 pounds over its capasity. What upgrades can I do to my ecosmart metro to off set the extra weight?

30 pounds over is nothing. Just make sure the tires are inflated to the PSI indicated on the sidewall of the tires so they do not bottom out and pinch the tube. Also if you ride proactively by lifting your body weight while going over speed bumps or through potholes that will take a lot of stress off of the frame and wheels. But 30 pounds over is really nothing for that scooter so this advice goes out to everyone who rides the scooter. 

The EcoSmart is a pretty robust scooter so we do not think that any upgrades would be necessary. If the scooter does not have the range that you need it to then a battery pack with a higher capacity could be installed for better range and longer ride time. 

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