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Razor E300 500W 24V motor

I'm not after speed, I would just like more uphill power. Are any of the 24v motors 500W or more plug and play with the E300? I understand that I might need to modify such as taking out the kickstand, but since it will be 24V are ther any motors that would work with the existing 24v controller and throttle, but just need perhaps a higher rated circuit braker than the current 20A braker, but otherwise be plug and play? Also what amp rated breaker should I use? Thanks for any info. The controller is rated 24V 30A

I checked and all of our MOT-24500X2500 and MOT-24500X2500B 24 Volt 500 Watt motors have the same terminals as the Razor E300s original motor, so they would be plug-and-play with the original controller with the addition of a CNX-W6.3FH-2T connector housing. 

Our 24 Volt 500 Watt motors will work with the original controller and throttle. Since the controller is rated for 30 Amps then a 30 Amp breaker or fuse could be used as long as all of the wiring is 14 gauge or thicker which I believe that it is. 

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