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Trying to upgrade the MX-350 Rocket Dirt Bike

I have a MX-350 Razor dirt bike, version 6 and I was wondering is there a possible way you could get a kit for a 24 volt 750 watt motor for it or if that’s even possible. I saw you have a 500 watt upgrade but to me that just doesn’t seem like enough power to me. Especially how I’m trying to push someone else in the back. Could it be possible to get a kit for a 24 volt 750 watt motor with everything else to change it. Like the speed controller, throttle and etc.

Yes, we can make a 24 Volt 750 Watt kit for the MX-350. We need to ask a few questions to begin.

1. What version of MX350 is the kit for?

2. Do you want to reuse the original battery pack or get new batteries with the kit?

3. Which throttle would you like included in the kit?

For a list of compatible throttle please visit our 24 Volt Throttles Page

The version I have is model 6 and no i have 10 ah batteries I’m waiting till they go out before I buy some stronger ones I do realize it will drain my battery about twice as fast. And can I use all original parts with the upgrade or do I need to get different parts than what I have?
Besides speed controller and motor and things to make after market parts work like the brake lever

We can include adapters that will make the original throttle, brake lever, and power switch work with the kit. 

One problem that we just ran into is that our 24 Volt 750 Watt motor run in the counterclockwise direction. It can be wired in reverse polarity and they will then run clockwise, however, we are not sure how much power or what speed it will run at when in reverse. Most brushed motors have forward timing so they perform differently in reverse than they do in forward. 

If you want to experiment with running our 24 Volt 750 Watt motor in reverse then you are welcome to, however, we do not know what the results will be. 

For a risk-free way to upgrade the power to 750 Watts a 36 or 48 Volt 750 Watt motor that natively runs clockwise such as our MOT-36750B would need to be installed since 24 Volt 750 Watt motors that natively run clockwise are not available. 

Please let us know your thoughts and we can take it from there. 

Actually never mind. Ive looked at mine and part of the frame is higher up kinda blocking the engine inside which means if it where to hang out than it would be on top of the frame which i kinda dont wanna do. Than could you make a kit for a 24 volt 500 watts instead and get adapters to make the original parts work with the new motor and controller? And i wanted to put solar panels in the back charging the battery while i drive, i planned on getting 200 watt solar panels, would that be too much power going into one battery? Right now i have two little solar panels that each produce 12 volts and about 4 watts going into one battery. It kinda makes a different but the wattage is low so it doesnt charge them that much.
I also figured turning the motor around but it will just be all messed up so im just gonna go with a 24v 500 watt motor

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