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Custom made charger for 28V overvolted scooter

I have a Razor E300S and another 24V scooter I am overvolting to 28V.  My original ideal for charging would be to split the battery bank into 24V and 4V and charge those separately, but I think I have 2 solutions to leave those at 28V and charge them.

Solution 1: use my laboratory power supply which can put out up to 31.4V and has power limiting I can set.  For a charger to work on SLA batteries, it has to be at least 10% over the nominal voltage of the battery.  For example, for a single 12V battery, 13.2V is the minimum needed to charge it fully.  You can get partial charging with less voltage but I am talking about a full charge here.  So using the same "10% over rule", for a 28V setup, we would need at least 30.8V.  Luckily I have that and a little bit more.  Charging a 28V battery pack with 31.4V is roughly the same as charging a 12V battery pack with 13.5V.  It will work but will be slower than a smart charger that can go 20% over the rated voltage of the battery.

Solution 2: I remember I have some power adapter that can output 32V.  This might also work as a charger although I would first have to check the amperage output to make sure I do not exceed the maximum recommended charge current for the battery bank (which is usually about 30% of the Ah rating).  For example, for 7Ah batteries, charging at more than 30% (2.1A) is NOT recommended.  For a slow "overnight" charge, 10% (700mA in this example) is even better.  I would also have to monitor the charge since it is not a smart charger and could possibly overcharge the batteries.

Since the lab PSU is kinda heavy, I plan on using that when at home and using the 32V charger when I am away (such as for an opportunity charge while miles away from home but with access to an AC outlet).

I will try these both and report back here but I welcome some comments and/or suggestions about this.

F.Y.I., the reason I selected 28V is cuz my scooter "complained" about 30V so I had to back it up to only 28V which works fine and gave me both more power and more speed.  With the extra 4 volts, my 9 tooth front sprocket feels like an 8 tooth for acceleration but a 10 tooth for speed.  Overvolting gave me the best of both worlds.

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