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Sprockets which ones are compatible

I have a Razor E300 S Pink, I want to make it a little faster but I don’t want to swap out the motor. What is my best option to do? I saw on another post that I can change the sprockets. I saw a 44 tooth rear sprocket item # SPR-844 , 38 tooth sprocket Item # SPR-838F and 36 tooth sprocket item # SPR-836F. Will these sprockets work on the stock motor? I know I will need to change the motor sprocket as well to an 8mm, but will the 8mm 11 tooth D-Bore sprocket item # SPR-811D work on the stock motor? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, all of the wheel sprockets and motor sprocket that you listed will fit the E300 scooter. 

The E300 scooter is factory geared for a 15 MPH top speed which may be the upper limit of the amount of speed that the stock 250 Watt motor can produce so we are not sure if increasing the gear ratio would result in a faster top speed with the original motor. 

What do you mean faster?  More top speed on flat pavement?  The scooter is underpowered to start with so trying to get a higher top speed with only sprockets is asking for trouble if you need to climb any hills.  I "geared" my E300S down to 9 MPH top speed (stock is about 15 MPH top speed), so that I could climb some fairly steep hills.  I use 9 and 89 tooth sprockets with # 25 chain.

Without more information such as type of terrain, weight of driver, are you willing to accept LESS speed up hills..., I cannot make a recommendation.

As a side note, if you want more speed and don't want to change any sprockets or motor, just add 4 extra volts to make it 28V.  That should give you about 2 extra MPH on flat pavement.  I did this to my Razor E300S and my top speed went from 9 MPH to 10.5 MPH so that is a 1.5 MPH increase.  However, it also increased power, torque, and fun factor.  Now it goes up big hills AND can run along at a pretty good pace.  It is not so easy to charge the 28V setup but I have a separate post on that.  Just do a search for "oddball" and you will see it.

Thank you guys for the reply, I weigh about 200lbs. most of my riding in my neighborhood is on flat ground with one hill. And the one hill I encounter is only about a 5-10 foot elevation spread out over 100-150 feet. So I guess I am just wanting the E300 to go faster on flat ground. @ESP would you be able to calculate an approximate top speed with the 11 tooth motor sprocket and 36 tooth rear sprocket? I would like to purchase today or tomorrow, also could you provide me the amount of chain links that I would need for this set up? I will probably up the motor to the 350 watt and overvolt at a later time. Thank you again for the support. I do not have a shop in the Sacramento area that has any experience with upgrading the E300. I wish you guys were closer.

Our Motor Power Calculator shows that the maximum speed which can be obtained by a 250 Watt motor is 15 MPH, and with a 200-pound rider, the top speed is closer to 14 MPH. The restriction to being able to go faster with a 250 Watt motor is primarily from the air resistance encountered when traveling at the top speed.

The top speed with a 2500 RPM motor, 11 tooth motor sprocket, 36 tooth wheel sprocket, and 10" wheels is 22.82 MPH. The size of motor required to reach 22.82 MPH is calculated to be 754 Watts. 

When installing a larger motor the distance between the motor sprocket and wheel sprocket will usually change so unfortunately we are not able to calculate what size chain would be needed for a modification like that. 

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