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Razor RX200 Convert to Variable Speed

I have a Razor RX200 and want to convert it to variable speed.  Is there a way to do this?  Or can I at least add a resistor or potentiometer to be able to adjust the maximum speed?  

The RX200 scooter's original controller only has the capability of running the scooter off or on and does not support variable speed. 

We have a couple of kits that will convert the Razor RX200 scooter to have variable speed. Here are the links to them:

Variable Speed Kit, item # KIT-E200:

Variable Speed Kit with Adjustable Top Speed Limiter, item # KIT-E200-SL:

Ok, thanks.  I had just called  you guys and was told to open a new forum topic assuming you would need to build something custom for this.  If the parts you mention above will work for me I'll try them out.  

We knew that the variable speed kits linked to above worked with the E200 scooter, however, we were not aware that they also worked with the RX200 scooter until the other day when we compared the wiring diagrams of both scooters and realized they both have the exact same wiring and connectors. That is why when you called us a few days ago the customer service rep could not find a variable speed kit for the RX200. Since we have added RX200 to the kit's name now when they search for an RX200 variable speed kit it will show up on the parts list. 

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