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Razor Ecosmart throttle with key switch and voltmeter

Hi all, I recently picked up this throttle with meter and key switch, thinking it would be a decent upgrade for my Ecosmart. Can anyone provide guidance on wiring it up to the Ecosmart? Thanks. Mike

The EcoSmart scooter has a heavy-duty power switch which all of the current between the battery pack and controller is carried between. Due to this, a light-duty power or key switch such as one built into a throttle cannot directly replace the EcoSmart's original power switch. To get around this a power relay could be used in place of the original power switch and the throttle's light-duty key switch could be used to turn the power relay's coil on and off. Here is a wiring diagram showing how to do this with your throttle.

A larger version of this wiring diagram can be found in the attachment. 

We carry power relays, power relay connectors, fuses, and fuse holder at the links below:

Wow.  Thanks.  That is perfect.

One clarification.  The throttle with key and voltmeter only has 5 wires, not 6.  It has the following as described in the instruction sheet from throttle:

Green: Throttle hail signal

Red: Throttle +5v

Black: Negative

Blue: controller power lock output wire

Yellow: controller electric switch input (power positive)

There is no Orange wire


The orange wire is a short jumper wire that only goes to two terminals on the throttle connector and it connects the controller's throttle connector orange and yellow wires together to trick the controller into thinking that the original throttle is plugged into it. The orange jumper wire shown in the illustration could, of course, be any color wire and it does not have to be orange. 

I updated the wiring diagram with a more detailed drawing of the back side of the throttle connector. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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