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Modifying the Ecosmart MEtro razor Need help!

I have been planning to build myself a 48v lithium battery pack, upgrade the motor and controller and swap to the variable speed throttle with the key for a few weeks now and as I have been slowly but surely collecting the parts, pieces tools and components over the past few weeks and on that quest I stumbled across a 36v 5.4 ah prefabricated ebike battery for dirt cheap so I figured since I was upgrading I all anyway I might as well try hand at wiring this battery into my scooter and while I had it open I figured id try and disable the safety shutdown relay in the controller  by bridging it with a wire. 

The battery has a brush less controller built into it which complicated the wireing of the battery to the scooter in the same manor the lead acid ones had been, or so I thought...after opening up the battery case and clipping a bunch of wires I was convinced needed to be rewired in order to work properly with my scooter  I realized that All I actually had to do was unscrew the batteries charge port, clip the wires and put a bullet splice on both the + and - leads then do the same to the lead coming form the razors installed charge port and connect them. But it was too late for that so I spent 30 minutes rewiring it just the way it was when I first opened it then completed the steps above.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that I popped open the controller and soldered a paper clip that had been folded back and forth a few time to make sure it could handle enough current. I put it all back together and damn I couldn't believe how perfectly the battery fit in there.

Not having a strong electrical background but being 97% sure I had done it right, I was still floored when I turned it on and it worked!......well for a second. It accelerates and once it gets to a certain speed it stops responding for a second, then it works again for a second, and then dies again. I can't imagine that has anything to do with the way I connected the battery, so I am thinking I somehow decreased the amount of current it takes to make that relay shut Down, 

how I did that may be from one of two things, I'm not sure each end if each fold it touching the contacts on heather side and while I was writing this I realized I used plumbers solder. 

Can anyone comment on this before I undo all the beautiful work I just did and let me know what you think?

Ok so update, it is NOT the controller, or a least my modification to it, I opened it back up and removed yhr paper clip and all solder I put on and tried it again same thing happened

It sounds like the battery pack is dropping under the controller's LVC (low Voltage cutoff) and then rising above the controller's LVC, and repeating this pattern. Most 36V 5.4Ah Li-ion battery packs have a maximum discharge current rating of 20 Amps and the EcoSmart scooter's controller has a current limit of 30 Amps so the controller may be demanding more current than the battery pack can continuously provide.

Ok that’s actualky what I thought. I have another 36v battery pack that came out of a Ninebot ES2 that’s rated at 7.4ah which should be adequate for this scooter however I hooked it up the same way I did this one and got 0 power. Well it wasn’t exactly the same because the batteries are built very differently. This one I’m talking about is a NE1002-H. If you need reference material just search Es2 battery on eBay. It have three sets of leads coming out of it, one is a thick red and black which I took to be the ones I needed to connect to the battery terminals. They is another which is a white , green and yellow 3 some and the last one is also black and red but very thin guards so I didn’t imthinknthey were it.!Now I suppose it could just be that the battery needs to be charged but can you think of any other reason it’s not working . Also when I do hook it up do I need to do any thing with the other two sets of leads or re the just like for a headlight and tail light. Also will it still charge the same way (via the controller) or do I need to hook it to th charge port dirtecylu?

We do not have a specification sheet or connector pinout for the NE1002-H battery so we are not sure how to wire or charge it. 

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